Who can participate at FPNO?

FPNO is open to DHS regular and relative foster families in any area with an approved FPNO facility. Children from birth to age 18, who are not medically fragile, and who are living in the home of a DHS foster parent are welcome at FPNO. This includes a family’s foster, adopted and biological children. All children who attend FPNO are referred by a DHS Certifier.

 Note:  DHS may determine a child to be ineligible for FPNO if a child’s behavior puts others at risk.  

Is there an FPNO in my area?

Currently, there are FPNO sites in Benton, Clackamas, Columbia, Coos, Josephine, Lane, Marion, Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill counties.

If you live in a different county and would like to help bring FPNO to your area, please . We will be glad to guide and support your effort!

How can I sign up for FPNO?

If you are a regular or relative DHS foster parent, please contact your caseworker or certifier to see if there is an approved FPNO facility in your area.  If there is, DHS will assess whether your children are eligible to attend and will get you in touch with a local FPNO site. 

How often is FPNO?

Schedules vary from site to site, but in general, FPNO occurs once each month and is typically 3 to 4 hours long. It usually occurs the same day each month so you can plan ahead. Most sites are open during the school year and closed over the summer.  Once you are signed up, your site coordinator can give you their yearly schedule so you can plan ahead.

Can I attend more than one FPNO?

No. DHS will match you with one FPNO site. In addition to giving you a regular, monthly night out, FPNO desires for you and your children to build relationships with the volunteers and other children attending. Building relationships at FPNO creates a sense of community, which is something you, your children, and our volunteers benefit greatly from.  

Who will care for my children at FPNO?

Your children will be cared for by trained volunteers who have undergone a criminal history check and attended a 3-hour DHS training prior to caring for your children. Most volunteers are 18 years and older. Some sites allow 16 and 17 year olds to volunteer if they serve in the same area as their parent or adult sponsor.  

DHS requires FPNO sites to have one volunteer for every two children attending.  

Additionally, each FPNO site has at least two coordinators who are in charge of the FPNO program at that site. One or both of them will be in attendance each month and will oversee the event. Site coordinators plan the activities, communicate with families, play with the children, and help volunteers in whatever way possible. Your RSVP each month helps FPNO coordinators ensure that our 2:1 safety ratio is met.

What will my children be doing at FPNO?

While you are out enjoying a much-deserved break, your children also get a special evening of fun that includes:

  • Games for active play. This can include basketball, flag football, obstacle courses, bouncy houses, relay games, etc.

  • Games for quiet play. This can include Legos, Play-Doh, board games, card games, bingo, etc.

  • Arts and Crafts. Kids create a variety of fun and simple projects to take home

  • Special events. This can include a karaoke contest, talent show, carnival, music concert, sports clinic, and special guests

  • Healthy snacks and dinner

  • Nursery age children enjoy a safe play space with lots of one-on-one attention. Babies are held and cuddled.

What does it cost to bring my children to FPNO?

FPNO is free of charge.  

I have an infant and I’m nervous about leaving him/her at FPNO.

At FPNO, babies are cuddled and snuggled in a nursery area that is separate from older children. In some facilities, the nursery is for ages 0-3.  In the larger FPNO sites, there will be an infant room for babies who are not yet mobile and then a separate room for mobile babies and young toddlers. Regardless of how the nursery is configured, there will be loving arms to care for your little one.  Our trained volunteers will take instruction from you about feeding, changing diapers, napping, and any other details you give them. You are welcome to call your FPNO site coordinator during the evening to check on your baby. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident in the care your children are receiving, and we will work with you to make that happen.  

Is it possible to observe an FPNO before I sign up?

Yes, of course!  We welcome you to come to observe and to see first-hand the fun and engaging activities at FPNO. All visitors will be given a special volunteer badge.

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